How your WooCommerce store is preventing you from doubling your sales!

As an entrepreneur, you have spent months and maybe years creating your unique product(s), building your small ecommerce business around it, promoting it, and you're getting a decent amount of traffic.

The only problem is that very few of these visitors purchase from you. which keeps you from taking your business to the next level. As you will be blowing a lot of money on traffic just to get a sale.

You hired web designers/developers to revamp your website, and they might have built you a better-looking website with a lot of functionalities that amazed you, but you never made this money back!

You keep saying to yourself "what to do next?"

what you don't realize you're missing is that you neither need a better-looking website, nor you need to add a lot of functionality to your website.

What you really need is more SALES, therefore, more Money!

And assuming a better-looking website with more functionalities will get you more sales, is what keeps a lot of small ecommerce businesses like yours from scaling.

Take a moment and think what can you do with a 20%, 30%, or even %50 uplift in your sales?

Wondering how can you achieve that without spending more money on ads you might ask?

The truth is, your WooCommerce store is preventing current interested visitors and customers from completing their purchases!

While a better-looking website might encourage more of them to do so, you can't count on that, especially if it was done by assumptions.

What you really need, is to know exactly what's wrong with your website, so you can redesign and improve these areas that were keeping visitors from clicking on a product, or add it to the cart, or complete the purchase.

And here is where most web designers/developer fail. they build a website to look better, not to generate more sales.

I'mBrad Mo

And I help small WooCommerce businesses like yours get more sales by identifying what keeps their customers from purchasing and fix that.

How I’ve helped Daniele double his WooCommerce sales

Daniele Dragone, Founder of

Daniel founded a couple of years ago. he was selling solid time lock safes worldwide.

He felt that the website needed a better look as he thought that's the reason it's not getting many sales. Which I explained later that it's not only about the look.

After we discussed more about his business, I analyzed his Google Analytics data and found out that most of his visitors were abandoning the website after they land on the homepage, or after they get to the product page.

For the homepage, I knew from my experience that having a paragraph of text and a product slider isn't enough to convince the visitors to go ahead and check the safes models.

So, we worked together in explaining the benefits of the safes, and its features. and he created a video that goes into details about these features and how to use them.

Next, instead of listing the products in a slider (which kills the conversion rate), or next to each other. I installed the Hotjar's recording script, which allowed me to know what barriers his visitors had. The biggest obstacle was having a hard time comparing and choosing a safe model.

Which resulted in them get confused and leave the website after opening a couple of product pages.

So, we solved that by combining these products into one page, where we offer selecting the safe model via clear options and add-ons with with photos and text so it's easier to choose the suits the visitors the best.

These and a couple of other improvements that the budget allowed us to implement, have doubled the conversion rate, and over the last year, the website got more 110% sales. now we're working on investing more into optimizing more areas in the website and investing more in marketing to grow his business.

Introducing:WooCommerce CRO Audit

The only - customized for you - PDF report that tells you what exactly is keeping your visitors from purchasing. Your WooCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization report will include what you need to do and pointers on how to do it to double your WooCommerce sales. Based on analyzing your visitor's behavior and a UX expert review.

What you'll get:

  • a detailed breakdown of the whole purchasing process and what's wrong in each page, from the homepage to the thank you page after the checkout.
  • screenshots with notes along with hand sketching for the suggestion and design fixes for what's currently keeping visitors from purchasing.
  • 1-hour call with me to discuss the audit results.
Note: after you get the report, you'll have the freedome to ask me to quote you on these suggestions, or hand the audit to your developers.

How to get there:

  • We'll schedule a 30 to 60 minutes consultation call to discuss more about your business.
  • analyzing your website's Google analytics enhanced ecommerce data to know more about your visitors and what issues they face with your website (example: where they drop off the most)
  • Identifying what keeps your visitors from purchasing by tracking their behavior with Hotjar's recordings and heatmaps.
  • Expert UX testing. I'll go through your website's purchasing process myself as a visitor to see what mistakes your website is making that's turning visitors away using my experience from studying top premium ecommerce reports and working on previous WooCommerce stores.

You are qualified for the Audit if:

  • You own an established small ecommerce business .. getting sales already.
  • You sell your own private labeled product.
  • Your store is currently on or will be on WooCommerce (I work exclusively with WooCommerce store owners).

Apply for your Audit

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My Guarantee

If you applied what's in the audit and got no more sales, I'll refund you 100% of your money right away. Let me tell you why.

I spent years studying UX, top ecommerce UX reports and conducted my own studies on various small WooCommerce businesses that sell in different niches and different countries. and what I suggest (and sometimes build myself) ALWAYS increases the sales.

That's why I'm confident that it'll do the same for your ecommerce business. so, if it didn't increase the sales, you get 100% of your money back.